What is your next step?

Life is full of next steps from buying a house to promotions at work. In our spiritual lives there are next steps as well. Below you will find some next steps for you on your journey that will help you discover your purpose.


Find your small group.

Authentic life change happens in the context of relationships. Small Groups are how we help build relationships at Covenant Church, and we’ve tried to make it incredibly easy for you to be a part. #dolifetogether


Get water baptized.

After you’ve taken the first step to follow Christ, you can’t just keep the excitement to yourself. You have to let the world know about your new journey. We do this through Water Baptism.


Join a team.

We believe that anytime you choose to serve someone else in any capacity, it truly honors God. Whether it’s helping someone find a parking spot, greeting a first-time guest, or even operating a camera, we’re confident you’ll find a place to land.