What you need to know.


We are aware of the situation.

Over the last month we have received numerous amounts of emails and phone calls regarding suspicious donations being made to our organization by some one else through your PayPal account. 

What we can tell you is IT IS A SCAM. 

They are using the fake name Regina Martins and an address that is local to us and stating that they made a donation to our organization to using your account. However, we are not affiliated with Regina Martins, we are not affiliated with PayPal and have cut all ties to PayPal.

If you are asked to make a donation to our organization using PayPal please report it directly to PayPal. 

We understand that this is concerning but it is out of our hands and must be reported to PayPal. 

For information about how to stay safe online visit this website: https://staysafeonline.org/

To report suspicious activity to PayPal click here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/security/report-problem