Evidence of the Resurrection

Yesterday, I started to give a brief reminder of the resurrection and list five things that give evidence that there really was resurrection. I began using the acronym H.E.A.R.T. but forgot the middle two. I will repeat them again at some point, but I want you to know these five evidences of the resurrection of Jesus. Together, they make a compelling case for the resurrection as the keynote for the gospel message.

H- Honorable burial.

Jesus was given an Honorable burial in a very specific tomb. Usually, crucified men were cast into the dump called Gehenna and left to rot.

E- Empty tomb.

In three days that tomb was Empty, and his body was never found or produced for contradicting evidence.


Jesus appeared to the women, to Peter, to James, to the disciples, to more than 500 at once, proving to them that he was alive from the dead.

R- Rise of the church.

The transformation of the disciples into men of courage and boldness giving testimony of the resurrection caused an otherwise unexplainable rise of the church that grew by the thousands and spread to other countries throughout the Roman Empire in spite of persecution. Today, over 2 billion Christians claim the Lordship of Jesus.

T- Transfer of the Sabbath.

The Jewish Sabbath occurred on Saturday, but the new Christians began to gather on Sunday because that was the day of resurrection.

The one that we worship is alive from the dead and is present with us as we live each day. All that we do comprises our worship of Him.

He is risen!